Life Skills Workshops with Therapeutic Respite
Respite services are guided by individualized treatment plans that identify the clients own strengths, needs, objectives and treatment goals they can achieve. At Four Directions, Respite Services are intended to meet the needs of families when they lack the resources and natural supports to address the behavioral challenges of raising their children. Small group houses now available upon request!

Respite care can be:

  • Temporary: ranging from overnight stays to planned, on-going Respite that includes:
    • Intensive Life Skills mentoring workshops for the client
    • A safe, stable home environment
  • Enable parents/guardians time to :
    • Acquire additional skills to meet their child's behavioral health needs
    • Utilize the time to meet their own personal needs so that they are re-energized and committed to success in achieving their child's treatment plan goals.
    • Work with the Child/Family Team to develop a safety plan
    • Eliminate the need for long-term out-of-home placement
  • Utilized to wrap services around a family to provide more than just a cool-down period. Clients will work on:
    • Coping skills to learn how to self-regulate impulsive behaviors
    • Healthy self-esteem
    • Age-appropriate social skills to improve interaction
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